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Product Information

Foil Facing
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RBI Shield
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Retro Shield System

The only complete insulation solution for superior thermal performance

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The Retro Shield System, developed primarily for the metal building industry, is the ideal solution for retrofitting and upgrading insulation systems in existing metal buildings.

The exclusive system incorporates Fi-Foil's RBI Shield, which features our revolutionary reflective insulation technology and Clip & Pin components. The only system available on the market that unites these two components, Retro Shield provides unmatched energy performance and ease of installation for reduced construction and operating costs.

The Clip & Pin components easily attach to the lip of the purlin to secure the reflective insulation. The result is a simple installation that greatly reduces expensive labor costs, while eliminating the need for additional framing or other alterations to complete the retrofit process.

RBI Shield offers maximum energy-efficiency for any roof or wall retrofit application. The reflective insulation technology provides high reflectivity and low emissivity for superior thermal performance, and cost-efficiency that is also environmentally friendly.

Features & Advantages

  • Superior thermal performance
  • Reflects 97% of radiant heat
  • Ideal solution for retrofit
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • Lightweight and safe, for easy
  • Increased occupant comfort
  • Compliant with building codes
  • Environmentally friendly
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