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Like every building, metal buildings need to be well insulated in order to offer thermal comfort, energy savings and reduced noise levels. With Fi-Foil’s Retroshield® System, insulation for metal buildings has never been easier or more cost effective.

In hot, humid and mixed climates, many types of insulation are susceptible to mildew and eventual mold growth. When deciding which materials to use for a project, it’s important to ensure products not only provides short-term benefits, but also offer long-term advantages including protection.
While sufficient amounts of spray foam, fiberglass and cotton insulation can provide high R-values, they do not address radiant heat transfer. HY-Fi, a hybrid insulation system, works together with these and other traditional mass insulation to increase thermal resistance, add reflective insulation benefits and reduce the amount of insulation required.
Choosing the right insulation system is critical to saving money, meeting strict codes and improving facility appearance. With so many factors and choices available to building professionals today, it can be hard to decide the best building envelope solutions that are also smart budget decisions.
Skyflex: Superior Air Barrier Insulation As demand grows for air barrier insulation, more builders and contractors are choosing Fi-Foil Skyflex due to exceptional thermal performance, durability and improved productivity that’s leading to savings for many—proving to be a cost effective solution for walls exposed to extreme temperatures of the summer and winter months.
At Fi-Foil, we get a lot of questions about advanced reflective insulation technology and how our products work to improve air space for better building performance. One product that gets a particularly large number of questions is our FSK Shield, a Class A insulation facing and vapor retarder with low-emittance properties.

Fi-Foil was featured in Metal Construction News in September: See full article here.


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