Need An Affordable Class-A Insulation Facing for Un-Faced Batts?

Need An Affordable Class-A Insulation Facing for Un-Faced Batts?

At Fi-Foil, we get a lot of questions about advanced reflective insulation technology and how our products work to improve air space for better building performance. One product that gets a particularly large number of questions is our FSK Shield, a Class A insulation facing and vapor retarder with low-emittance properties.

FSK Shield is an affordable facing made of aluminum foil bonded to natural kraft paper. The product includes a flame-retardant adhesive and is reinforced with tri-directional fiberglass scrim. FSK Shield is available in 1000 sq ft rolls, each 54 inches wide.

Here are the top three questions and answers about FSK Shield:

Q. Why Should I Use FSK Shield vs- a Foil-Faced Batt?

A. Cost savings and more flexibility for the contractor. FSK Shield can be used with un-faced batts eliminating the need to special order for jobs requiring foil-faced batts. This reduces the number of seams that need to be taped on ceiling or wall applications.

Q. What are the Functions of FSK Shield?

A. FSK Shield is an effective vapor retarder, especially when seams are properly sealed with Fi-Foil FSK tape. The low-emittance (low-e) foil facing reduces radiant heat transfer and can also be used to improve flame spread.

Q. How does FSK Shield Block Heat Transfer?

A. The aluminum low-e surface reduces radiant heat transfer by 97% for plenums and other open spaces in the building envelope. So, no matter where your building is located across the country, the result means a warmer space during the winter and a cooler space during the summer. When properly installed, FSK Shield can have a dramatically positive impact on overall building comfort and energy efficiency.

To learn more about FSK Shield and other advanced insulation products and systems, visit or contact us today at 800.448.3401.

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