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Silver Shield™ Summer Survival Kit

fi-foil summer kit

Order the Fi-Foil Silver Shield™ Summer Survival Kit today!

Fi-Foil's Silver Shield is the highest performing radiant barrier product available today, and will be in high demand this summer.

To help insulation pros demonstrate the simple – yet highly effective – way that Silver Shield radiant barrier can significantly reduce the amount of radiant heat transfer from the sun into attic spaces, we created a demonstration model with attention grabbing results that customers can immediately see and feel. These units are perfect for prospecting and closing more sales!




Silver Shield Sales Kits are FREE with a minimum product purchase. Call us today at 800.448.3401 for more information.

 summer survival kit

The Silver Shield™ Summer Survival Kit includes:

  • Silver Shield Radiant Barrier Heated Display

  • 250 Full Color, Fri-fold Silver Shield™ Product Brochures (includes stand)

  • Large Full Size Pop Up Floor Display. Perfect for Home Shows & Special Events

  • USB Flash Drive. Pre-Loaded with Printable Marketing Materials, Videos, and Silver Shield™ Website Content


What is Silver Shield radiant barrier?

During the hot summer months, solar radiation can make attic temperatures regularly “go through the roof.” Worse, an overheated attic can decrease comfort in the home - meaning increased cooling costs.

Fi-Foil’s Silver Shield is a high performance radiant barrier that features multiple layers of low emittance (low-e) materials that work together to greatly reduce the amount of radiant heat transfer occurring in roofs, knee walls and gables. When installed, these layers expand to create an additional reflective air space that provides even greater thermal performance and protects the metalized low-e surface from the potential or harmful dust.

Benefits of Silver Shield

Easy to install, Silver Shield radiant barrier can significantly reduce heat gain and attic temperatures, increasing the effectiveness of traditional insulation materials such as fiberglass, cellulose and foam. In fact, as summer temperatures rise, Fi-Foil’s Silver Shield radiant barrier is 4 times as effective as traditional insulation materials at reducing solar heat gains from creeping into homes, schools and office buildings.¹ 

By reducing attic temperatures, Silver Shield™ can also help improve the performance and operating efficiency of HVAC systems. Silver Shield™ radiant barrier insulation can also help homes qualify for Energy Star and other Energy Code requirements.



“I had my attic installed with Silver Shield last week. Huge difference! Excellent product, instant results! I would recommend to anyone.” - Michael Ervin,  Portsmouth, Rhode Island


“I noticed that the attic is so much cooler than our last house and the inside of our home and the garage are more comfortable too. The product is spectacular. I am really happy the we had Silver Shield installed in our home.” - Rey Holtz, Miami, Florida

Click here to learn more about Fi-Foil’s Silver Shield™ radiant barrier technology.


1. Average energy savings is 9% and peak demand was reduced by 16%. "FPC Residential Monitoring Project: New Technology Development Radiant Barrier Pilot Project," Florida Solar Energy Center.

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