Catalyst Software Company

Catalyst Software Company


Project Information: 

 Commercial Building

 4,000 SQ FT

 6,800 SQ FT of Wall Area

 Goal: High Energy Efficiency

Catalyst Software Company in Atlanta, GA was in the process of building a new company headquarters and wanted the best performing insulation system. To achieve this goal, they asked their insulation contractor to double check the specifications of the building’s architect. After looking through the specifications, they found that a flash and batt technique was to be used in the 6800 sq. ft., 2”x6” wall cavities.

• 1/2” Closed Cell Spay Foam Insulation

• Kraft Faced Fiberglass Batt R-13

Project Solution: 

Wilson Insulation of Decatur, GA recommended that Catalyst use another insulating system that was new to the market. By replacing the fiberglass batt insulation with Fi-Foil Company Inc’s VR Plus Shield™ Reflective Insulation, they could use more spray foam in the wall cavity. The building owner viewed the Flash & FOIL™ system as being a more technologically advanced insulation system.

• 1” Closed Cell Spay Foam Insulation

• VR Plus Shield™ Hi-Perm 7.2 added R-value


VR Plus Shield


Light Commercial

Building Type

Wood Framed

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