Diagnostic Clinic Largo, FL

Diagnostic Clinic Largo, FL


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Project Information: 

Developer: Greenfield Group, Boca Raton, FL

General Contractor: Leighton McGinn, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Insulation/Drywall Contractor: Eurotech, Inc., Port St Lucie, FL

Application: VR Plus Shield Hi-Perm installed as Exterior Masonry Wall Insulation. [155,000sf building]

Completion Date: Septermber 2009

Project Solution: 

Construction began in July 2008 for this $30-million medical center that is now the new home of Largo’s Diagnostic Clinic at 1301 2nd Avenue SW. As construction progressed, they searched for options to keep costs down on the project. Hence, Eurotech, Inc. submitted VR Plus Shield, as a cost savings option for the exterior masonry wall insulation.

VR Plus Shield Hi-Perm was attached to the face of the 1-5/8” metal framing with integral tape tab, and will generate an R-7.0. It has two layers of foil that open into the cavity to address all 3 modes of heat transfer: conduc-tion, convection and radiation.

The cost savings over cutting and fitting foam board insulation between the metal framing as exterior wall insulation, was over 50%. The clinic is a physician-owned practice that provides primary care, medical and surgical specialties, imaging, laboratory and therapy services.

The project was a partnership between the clinic and the Largo Medical Center.


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