Fastenal Company Retail Showroom Shelby, NC

Fastenal Company Retail Showroom Shelby, NC


  • before Retro Shield
  • During Installation
  • After Retro Shield Installation
  • before Retro Shield
  • During Installation
  • After Retro Shield Installation

Project Information: 

Owner: Fastenal Company

Insulation Contractor: Standard Insulation (Charlotte, NC)

Product Application: RBI Shield Reflective Insulation attached with Fi-Foil’s patented Clip & Pin Components to metal purlins.

Completion Date: March 2009

Building Size: 4,500 Sq Ft

Project Solution: 

Fastenal Company in Shelby, North Carolina was operating out of an older metal warehouse insulated with a standard vinyl faced fiberglass batt. Due to the age of the building and insulation, energy efficiency was lacking and the vinyl facing was torn and hanging in areas of the retail showroom.

After thorough research, Fastenal District Manager, Ryan Sanderford, opted to install the RetroShield® System manu-factured by Fi-Foil Company, Inc. which is specifically designed to reduce the effects of each of the three forms of heat transfer and complete the building with a clean, finished look.

Standard Insulation in Charlotte, NC installed the Ret-roShield® System using a scissor lift and a 2-man crew. Even with the crew working around the obstacles of a fully stocked showroom, the entire 4,500 square foot job was completed in less than a week and the Fastenal Retail Show-room continued operations as usually throughout the installation process.

“We’re happy! The system looks great and increased our energy efficiency of the building. Our average energy con-sumption for the 2nd quarter 2009 to the 2nd quarter 2008 has been reduced by 22%. We are saving money, we have a more comfortable building, and we are doing our part to help improve the environment.” - Ryan Sanderford


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