Horizon Bay at Hyde Park Tampa, FL

Horizon Bay at Hyde Park Tampa, FL


  • AA2 Vapor Shield
  • AA2 Vapor Shield
  • AA2 Vapor Shield
  • AA2 Vapor Shield

Project Information: 

General Contractor: Gables Construction Inc, Boca Raton, FL

Insulation Contractor: C. Q. Insulation, Inc., Tampa, FL

Product Application: AA2 Vapor Shield™ Hi-Perm [62,000sf installed]

Completion Date: January 2011

The Problem:

Gables Construction had an R-5.0 masonry wall insulation specification requirement and needed to reduce the cost of the project.

Project Solution: 

C Q Insulation has used Fi-Foil’s AA2 Vapor Shield on several other commercial projects, and knew it was the right product for Horizon Bay at Hyde Park.

AA2 Vapor Shield™ reflective insulation provided the general contractor with a masonry wall insulation R-value of 5.1 when installed over 1-5/8” metal framing, at an installed cost under $0.25/sf. And this lowered their masonry wall insulation costs by 30% over foam board.

Horizon Bay Retirement Living, a national seniors housing operator based in Tampa, FL is building this new luxury retirement community in the historic Hyde Park area. Their six-story independent and assisted living facility, is the first such facility developed in the city in over 18 years. It will be a total of 153,000sf with 136 units, when completed in 2011.


AA2 Vapor Shield


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