Premier Surgery Center Tavares FL

Premier Surgery Center Tavares FL


  • VR plus reflective insulation
  • VR plus reflective insulation
  • VR plus reflective insulation
  • VR plus reflective insulation

Project Information: 

General Contractor: Cotter Ryan Construction, Longwood, FL

Insulation Contractor: C Q Insulation, Tampa, FL

Product Application: VR Plus Shield™Hi-Perm [20,000sf facility]

Completion Date: August 2010

The Problem

Achieving the highest R-Value and lowest cost masonry wall insulation, using 1-5/8” metal

Project Solution: 

Longwood based Cotter Ryan Construction is committed to sustainable design and the green building including accreditation with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED-AP and was contracted to build a $4 million surgery center and medical office building in Tavares, FL.

During the bidding process, they asked the insulation contractor - CQ Insulation of Tampa, to submit Fi-Foil’s VR Plus Shield™ Hi-Perm reflective insulation as a replacement for the foam board insulation specified. Fi-Foil’s solution was less than half the cost of foam board and will achieve an R-7.0 over the 1-5/8” furred cavity.

The Hi-Perm or perforated version was selected to which allow vapor transmission, which is recommended by current building science for hot-humid climate.


VR Plus Shield



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