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Benefits of M-Shield Masonry Wall Insualtion Blog, Fi-Foil, FL

In hot, humid and mixed climates,  many types of insulation are susceptible to mildew and eventual mold growth. When deciding which materials to use for a project, it’s important to ensure products not only provides short-term benefits, but also offer long-term advantages including protection.

M-Shield, a paperless masonry wall insulation, has been selected by Phil Kean Design Group for The New American Home 2017. Each year, The New American Home project selects only the most innovative and energy efficient materials on the market to showcase the best products available that set a new standard for home performance.

The New American Home 2017 is built in Florida, a climate ideal for demonstrating the abilities of M-Shield. The benefits of this revolutionary product include:

Preservation of Indoor Air Quality

Since M-Shield contains no cellulose, there is no food source for mold growth. Due to its synthetic polymers and the outer layer of perforated vapor transmitting material, when tested to ASTM standards, M-Shield exhibits zero mold growth.

The shield from mold to grow and thrive behind the walls provides assurance that this insulation will protect and preserve indoor air quality and the health of people living or working in a building.

Reduced Chance of Structural Damage

In addition to preserving indoor air quality, the elimination of potential mold growth helps in maintain a building’s structural integrity. Since mold can quickly invade and destroy building materials, by eliminating this threat, M-Shield aids in safeguarding the structure.

Energy Efficiency

M-Shield has two layers: the inside is aluminum foil and the outer layer is a synthetic polymer material. With its low-emissive surfaces, it reduces radiant heat transfer. The technology uses expanders that separate the two layers, creating multiple reflective air spaces.

When installed on wood or metal furring on masonry walls, air becomes trapped and the reflective components improve the performance. Since these layers reduce the size of the air spaces, M-Shield’s reflective insulation technology also reduces heat transfer from convection. The result R-values that range from 4.1 to 5.1 and provide a comfortable, energy efficient building.

M-Shield: The Smart Choice for Masonry Buildings

Often utilized for high-end residential and multifamily housing, M-Shield has been recognized in the industry through specification in The New American Home 2017. This reflective insulation solution is ideal for projects specifying paperless drywall.

M-Shield is easy to install and uses less material than other insulation solutions, helping you get the job done faster and with reduced labor costs. This product also helps to preserve indoor air quality, protect against structural damage and improve a building’s overall energy efficiency and performance.

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