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SCIF Barriers
SCIF Barriers

SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) barriers block radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic frequency (EF) interference. Without SCIF specialty barriers, radio waves ranging from cell tower transmissions to Wi-Fi signals could penetrate walls and ceilings, exposing potentially sensitive data to anyone in the surrounding area.

SCIF foil is a specialty barrier designed to protect sensitive or classified information. Potential uses for SCIF barriers include conference rooms, government and military facilities, security contractors and medical administration buildings.

Fi-Foil’s RF Shield™ meets or exceeds NSA-approved TEMPEST facility minimum requirements for shielding effectiveness at 378 frequencies.

Composed of a tear-resistant layer of 99% pure aluminum foil with an inner layer of fiberglass reinforcing and kraft paper, RF Shield™ also reduces radiant heat transfer and sound attenuation...

Product Shot of RF Shield
RF Shield
SCIF Barrier for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities

Product Shot of Ultra NT
Ultra NT
SCIF Barrier


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