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GFP Insulation™

Product Description:

"Our GFP foil ceiling insulation technology delivers superior insulating capabilities, while offering distinct advantages over conventional products. Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory developed GFP thermal insulation technology, which can be used in a host of thermal and acoustic applications in industries ranging from packaging to transportation, aerospace to building. GFP technology consists of multiple, honeycombed layers of thin, low-e metalized aluminum. These baffled polymer chambers are enveloped by a sealed barrier and filled with either air or a low-conductivity gas. The same proven technology is also used in low-e double- and triple-paned gas filled windows. Fi-Foil licensed this GFP technology and perfected the manufacturing process for large-scale production, with exclusive licensing rights for use in residential and commercial applications. GFP Insulation is being modeled in military tent applications to reduce energy use and was featured on a prototype floor of advanced sustainable products in New York. GFP won “the insulation product of the year” at the 2011 Global Insulation Conference. Fi-Foils advanced GFP technology out-performs conventional insulation by many measures, and has been tested in accordance with international ASTM standards. Its defining features include: high thermal performance, excellent sound transmission class ratings and the ability to remain compact for easy storage and transport. It is also available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths based on your application and retards moisture and resists mold growth. "

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