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Product Description:

RetroShield® is a revolutionary insulation system developed for the metal building industry. Attractive, high performing and remarkably easy to install, RetroShield® is ideal for retrofitting and upgrading insulation systems in new and existing metal buildings. This metal building insulation installation included patented Clip & Pin components that provide an extraordinary one-pass installation, dramatically reducing or eliminating downtime for the operation or building owner. Our patented Clip & Pin components offer a mechanical attachment to the building frame without bands or other support mechanisms required by other systems on the market. Fast Facts about Fi-Foil’s RetroShield® System Improves thermal performance - Saves energy Quick and easy installation Works with all types of metal framing Attractive finished appearance (white or reflective) Strong mechanical connection without glue or support cables Does not absorb moisture like standard mass insulation One-Step Installation Process Installing the RetroShield® System is a simple process that greatly reduces expensive labor costs. The Clip & Pin components easily attach to the lip of the purlin to secure the reflective insulation. Since the system is mechanically attached to the building’s frame without glue or cables, no additional framing or other alterations are needed to complete the retrofit process. This ensures long-term stability and performance and provides an appearance that can be used as the finished ceiling. Superior Thermal Performance RetroShield® offers maximum energy efficiency for any roof or wall retrofit application. When installed, the system can reduce radiant heat transfer by over 90%. This reflective insulation technology provides high reflectivity and low emissivity for superior thermal performance. The RetroShield® System offers continuous insulation and can be back-loaded with additional mass insulation for specific thermal performance or R-value requirements.

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