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Now Approved for Icynene Closed Cell Foam Line


Fi-Foil’s Thermal Barrier Blanket System or TBB™ is designed for use over Icynene’s Spray Foam in commercial and residential buildings. The patented system offers an easy single-pass installation. An innovative Clip & Pin mechanically snaps on the metal purlins, bar joists or wood beams. A reflective-faced insulation attaches with a friction washer, offering an attractive aluminum finish. TBB™ is available perforated, which allows vapor transmission, and solid, which can function as a vapor retarder. TBB™ provides improved acoustic performance over thermal barrier coatings.






 Fast facts about Fi-Foil’s Thermal Barrier Blanket System (TBB):

  • Integrates seamlessly with Icynene Spray Foam in commercial, residential, metal and wood-framed buildings.

  • Aluminum interior finish.

  • Micro-perforated for improved sound absorption

  • Successfully passed the rigorous criteria of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 286 for a wide range of applications.

  • Uses the easiest, most advanced single-pass installation process available today for reflective insulation system.

  • Made with over 90% recycled materials, and is completely V.O.C.- and formaldehyde-free.

The bottom line is that when you are using Icynene Spray Foam you’ll want to add Fi-Foil's TBB to the project. Call us today and see how easy this can be.

The Thermal Barrier Blanket – A Complete System

The Thermal Barrier Blanket system consists of TBB insulation, Clip & Pin fastening components, and tape for sealing edges and openings around obstructions. Roll widths are 66” and 76” for 5’ and 6’ on-center framing. Each roll of insulation covers 125 to 150 square feet of building area, depending on the width of the insulation selected. Five rolls, one box of Clip & Pin components and one roll of tape cover 500 to 750 square feet of building area. Smaller boxes of Clip & Pin components are available for individual rolls.

Thermal Performance in Combination with Icynene Spray Foam

Most of the thermal performance of the system is provided by the spray foam. TBB adds additional thermal resistance from the thickness of the TBB insulation and reflective air film.

For specific building system thermal values, contact Fi-Foil today!

Options for Your Specific TBB Application

The fastening, or Clip & Pin, components are suitable for both metal and wood framing. The Clips mechanically fasten to the framing. Pin lengths allow for spray foam to extend beyond the inside of the frame. The system comes with locking washers, and dome cap washers are also available to improve the aesthetic appearance or cover the points of the pin.

TBB Works With a Full Range of Building Types

TBB is suitable for most metal and wood-framed commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Facilities include warehouses, distribution centers, industrial factories and manufacturing plants, and agricultural buildings. Other buildings, including residential, may be suitable.

Are you an Icynene dealer? Contact Fi-Foil with any questions on your building application. Our dedicated sales team is ready to consult with you!


  • TBB Reflective Installed
  • TBB Reflective Installed

Product Key Specs

Width of Roll 66" (1.67m) 76” (1.93m)
Length 25.5' (7.77m) 25.5’ (7.77m)
Sq ft of Roll 140ft^2 162ft^2
Coverage 125ft^2 150^2
Diameter 9.05” (23cm) 9.05” (23cm)
Thickness 3/8" (.95cm) 3/8" (.95cm)
Weight 23.8 lbs. 27.5 lbs.

Product Test Data

Test Method Description Results
ASTM E 84-05 (UL723) Surface burning Characteristics FS = 5 ; SD = 0
NFPA 286 Wall & Ceiling Fire Test Passed
ASTM E 408 Emittance 0.03
ASTM E 96 / ICC AC02 Water Vapor Perm, no-perf Permeance = 0.1 perm
ASTM E 96 / ICC AC02 Water Vapor Perm, micro-perf Permeance = 40 perm
ASTM C1224-03 9.5.2 Pliability no cracking ; no delamination
ASTM C1224-03 6.5.1 Bleeding and delamination no bleeding ; no delamination
ASTM E 970 / ICC AC02 3.5 Critical radiant heat flux 1.12 Watts/cm² / passed
ASTM C1258-94 Humidity resistance Passed
ICC AC02 3.2.1 Aluminum % 99.39%
ASTM C 1338-2000 Fungi resistance Passed, No Growth
ASTM C 1371 Emissivity 0.03
ASTM C 423 Sound Testing NRC= 0.40
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Perforated Fi-Foil TBB System attached over Icynene Classic Max foam has successfully passed the NFPA 286 test.

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TBB- Thermal Performance in combination with Icynene Spray Foam.

Compliance and Approvals: 

ASTM C1224

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