FI-FOIL: Industry Leader And Innovator

We specialize in high performance insulation technology: reflective insulation and radiant barriers. This category of insulation is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world, and Fi-Foil offers the most diversified range of products and systems in the category. For more than 30 years, hundreds of millions of square feet of our products have been installed in residential, commercial and agricultural structures providing cost effective thermal performance. We develop, manufacture, distribute, and service this technology everyday in an effort to further solutions for the building envelope. Our insulation products and systems include: simple reflective facings for commercial buildings, unique multi-layer reflective insulation and radiant barriers for residential structures, advanced inert gas filled panels for military buildings, and other products and applications in-between. Energy Efficiency is what we do every day.

FI-FOIL: Industry Leader And Innovator

We as a society and building professional community are being introduced to terms like Cradle to Grave, Environmental Product Declarations, and more to meet the growing demands and requirements of green building certification programs, as well as more stringent building and energy codes. Fi-Foil is committed with resources, time and energy to not only meet the needs of this evolving industry, but to assist in developing and improving the standards by which these important attributes are measured. At the end of the day, Fi-Foil’s line of radiant barriers, reflective insulation, insulation facings, hybrid insulation systems, gas filled panels and air barriers are designed to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and contribute significantly to sustainable design principles.

The Benefits Of FI-FOIL Include Increased Comfort, Decreased Building Costs And Lower Utility Bills

The use of Fi-Foil’s radiant and reflective insulation have been proven to improve energy efficiency and comfort. In fact, leading energy-efficiency experts , building codes, and government agencies have identified radiant barriers and reflective insulation as energy-saving technologies for energy-efficient home or buildings. As a leading manufacturer of innovative radiant and reflective insulation, Fi-Foil serves its customers with a variety of highly effective insulation solutions that satisfy applications throughout the building envelope and a wide range of building types. We specifically design and manufacture our products for ease of installation, high performance, and to provide lasting thermal performance.

Why FI-FOIL? Because We’ve Spent Decades Innovating For You!

For more than two decades, we’ve been committed to the principles of sustainable construction, including energy conservation, life-cycle performance, and minimal landfill impact. Our radiant barrier and reflective insulation products are Energy Star compliant and meet or exceed various performance and code criteria established by national, regional and local governing bodies. Simply put, Fi-Foil is the leader and the innovator in energy-efficient reflective insulation and radiant barriers for residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. We’re also one of the nation’s largest manufacturers and distributors.

When we say, ‘Our Solutions Reflect On You,’ that’s not just some glib marketing slogan. We spend thousands of hours developing our products to provide answers to your needs.

That’s who we are. That’s why we’re here.

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