Universal Solution for Securing Insulation

  • Broad Compatibility: Fit most metal and certain wood framing applications.
  • Quick & Easy Installation: Our Clip-Pin & Washer system is designed for speed and simplicity.
  • Strong & Reliable: Capable of supporting up to 60 lbs of backloaded insulation.
  • Versatile Insulation Compatibility: Works with a diverse range of insulation materials.
  • Proven Performance: Incorporates components from the acclaimed RetroShield® System.

FI-FOIL® mechanical insulation fasteners are engineered to redefine efficiency and reliability in building insulation installation. Designed with versatility at its core, they seamlessly adapt to most metal structures and select wood framing, ensuring your project’s foundation is as robust as your vision.

Our patented insulation clips and pins and washer system simplifies the installation process, making it quicker and easier than ever before. This innovation significantly reduces downtime in retrofit projects and reduces labor in new construction, optimizing your project timeline. The fasteners boast an impressive capacity to securely hold up to 60 lbs of backloaded insulation, providing the strength needed for even the most demanding applications.

The FI-FOIL® system is compatible with a wide array of insulation materials, including most metal building bubble insulation, vinyl-faced fiberglass, and various other facings. Whether your project demands the highest quality reflective bubble insulation or vinyl-faced solutions, our fasteners ensure a seamless fit and optimal performance.

The Trusted Components of RetroShield® Now Available for Your Projects

By leveraging the same trusted components used in our renowned RetroShield® System for retrofitting metal buildings, these mechanical fasteners offer proven reliability and performance. Now available for individual sale, they provide an ideal solution for contractors and builders looking to specify the highest quality insulation products in their projects.

  • Variety of Clip & Pin Components Provide a Mechanical Connection
  • Fits a Wide Range of Metal Building Beams & Structures
  • Electro Galvanized Steel
  • No Glue or Cables Needed
  • Reduces Thermal Bridging for Continuous Insulation
  • Ideal for Retrofit and New Construction
  • Secures Ceiling and Wall Insulation Systems such as our RetroShield System®
  • Steel Clip & Pin Components
  • Designed to Work with All Types of Metal Framing
  • Provides a Strong and Secure Mechanical Connection
  • Easy One Pass Install
  • Reduces Labor Costs
  • Reduces Operational Downtime
  • Provides a Continuous Insulation Solution
  • Improves Comfort and Worker Productivity
  • Proven System Used by National Food & Consumer Goods Distribution Companies
  • National Network of Insulation Distributors and Contractors
Mechanical Fastener Systems Available Fits Framing Types Size Inches Qty Per Box/Bag
Beam/Bar Joist Clip (”Z”-Clip) Beams
Bar Joists
Z Type Purlins
4 x 1 120
Purlin Clip (”C”-Clip) C Type Purlins 2 x 1 120
Angle Clip (”L”-Clip) Sidewalls
2 x 1 120
Tube Clip (”U”-Clip) Wood Beams
Metal Beams
2 x 1
4 x 1
Test Method Description Results
Type Metal Electro Galvanized
Temper ½ Hard
Thickness 0.03
Physical Properties 30168
Down Force Required to pull 1″ lock washer from Clip-Pin 66 lbs
Down Force calculation based on the RetroShield System® Installed on purlins 5′ on-center with Clip-Pin spaced 18″ apart.


Technical Data
  • Mechanical Fastener Systems Application Sheet

    1.10 MB | PDF

  • Mechanical Fastener Systems Specification Sheet

    25.01 MB | PDF

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

    232 KB | PDF

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