Superior Protection and Performance for Post-Frame Structures

Experience next-level efficiency and peace of mind with FI-FOIL® Reflective Bubble Insulation (RBI). Every roll of RBI Shield™ is precisely formulated and manufactured to provide exceptional thermal performance to improve living and working conditions inside your post-frame structures.

Insulation Quality Matters

Our R&D team has researched, tested, and selected several compounds in the formulation to enhance tensile strength and pliability for a more puncture-resistant bubble and a premium white polymer surface that wont crack, pit, chalk, peel, or discolor over time.

Our unique manufacturing process allows us to pack more air in each bubble, and the premium polymer and/or reflective films are all bonded together in a one-step process, allowing our bubble insulation to maintain a greater thickness and strength versus others on the market.

RBI Shield™ insulation rolls are remarkably easy to cut, install and serve as a highly effective vapor barrier when all joints and eaves are properly sealed.

Superior Thermal Performance Year-Round

Utilizing our reflective insulation technology will keep your buildings notably cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. RBI Shield™ reflects 95% of radiant heat, which makes a real difference in lowering monthly energy costs and increasing comfort to protect your assets–whether it is livestock, machinery, agricultural foods, other consumables, or clients that drive your business.

Available in single or double bubble and in a variety of widths for the most cost-effective way to insulate your post frame build.

Width of Roll Sq. Foot Coverage
16″ 166
24″ 250
48″ 500
54″ 563
66″ 688
72″ 750

Features & Benefits That Make the Difference

  • 48″ and 72″ Widths Available
  • Single or Double Bubble Versions
  • Reflective/White or Reflective/Reflective Surface Options
  • Moisture Resistant Material
  • Contains Proprietary Blend of Strengthening & Color Stabilizing Compounds
  • Contains Antioxidants that Reduce the Impact of UV Light and Oxidation
  • Class A Flammability Rating, Reflective/Reflective option
  • Integral Tap Tab Option to Seal Seams and Provide a Clean, Finished Look
  • Installer-Friendly, No Itchy Fibers
  • Less Expensive than Spray Foam
  • Can be Used Alone or Back-Loaded with Mass Insulation in Cooler Climate Zones
  • R&D Formulated With A Premium White Polymer Facing
  • Adds up to R-10 with 1″ Drape
  • Adds Thermal Performance & Comfort, Year-Round
  • Stops 95% of Radiant Heat Transfer
  • Saves Energy to Reduce Operating Costs
  • R&D Formulated With A Premium White Polymer Facing
  • Doubles as An Attractive Ceiling
  • Brightens the Workspace
  • No Cracking, Peeling, Pitting, Chalking or Discoloration
  • Best-In-Class Performance & Strength
  • Cuts to Fit and Seal Easily Around Polycarbonate Skylights or Panels
  • Reflective Technology Keeps Buildings Cooler in the Summer, Warmer in the Winter with Less Load on HVAC
  • Protects Your Assets
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • National Network of Distributors & Contractors

Product Compliances

  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM C-1224-03 Standard Specification of Reflective Insulation
  • Meets International Building, Residential and Energy Codes
  • Meets Florida Building, Residential and Energy Conservation Codes
  • IAPMO Evaluation Report 0291


  • RBI Shield™ CSI 3-Part Guide Specification

    67 KB | DOCX

  • RBI Shield™ No Eave Detail on Post-Frame Construction [PDF]

    195 KB | PDF

  • RBI Shield™ No Eave Detail on Post-Frame Construction [RVT]

    2 MB | RVT

  • RBI Shield™ No Eave Detail on Post-Frame Construction [DWG]

    32 KB | DWG

  • RBI Shield™ Eave Detail on Post-Frame Construction [RVT]

    2 MB | RVT

  • RBI Shield™ Sill Detail on Post-Frame [PDF]

    83 KB | PDF

  • RBI Shield™ Sill Detail on Post-Frame [RVT]

    2 MB | RVT

  • RBI Shield™ Sill Detail on Post-Frame [DWG]

    35 KB | DWG

  • RBI Shield™ Application Sheet – Post Frame

    67 KB | PDF

  • RBI Shield™ Specification Sheet

    1 MB | PDF

  • RBI Shield™ Lifetime Limited Warranty

    314.23 KB | PDF

  • Florida Commercial Building Code 2020 – FAQs

    232 KB | PDF

  • Florida Residential Building Code 2020 – FAQs

    203 KB | PDF


farm building suitable for reflective insulation

Boost Efficiency with a Superior Reflective Bubble Insulation for Agricultural Buildings

Cattle Barns
Chicken Farms
Large Scale Chicken Housing
Other Livestock Buildings

energy efficient commercial building using reflective insulation

Optimize Your Buildings Energy Savings with High-Performance Reflective Bubble Insulation for Commercial Buildings

Metal Roof Buildings
Single and Multi-Family Housing
Commercial or Residential Pole Barns

industrial buildings using reflective insulation

Reflective Bubble Insulation Can Help Maximize the Operational Costs and Efficiency in Your Industrial Buildings

Aircraft Hangers
Military Buildings
Other Industrial Applications

post frame building ready for reflective insulation

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We manufacture, market, and distribute high-performance reflective insulation and radiant barriers. Our products are sustainable and improve building performance and comfort all year round. Our reflective insulation is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world and we want you to grow with us.

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