Reflective Insulations

Our reflective insulation represents a cutting-edge solution in thermal insulation, utilizing reflective technology to effectively block radiant heat transfer. Enhances energy efficiency in buildings, providing a sustainable and cost-effective option for both new construction and retrofit projects. With its superior performance and ease of installation, FI-FOIL® reflective insulation is a smart choice for architects, builders and contractors aiming for high thermal performance and environmental sustainability in their projects.

Radiant Barriers

FI-FOIL® radiant barriers provide an advanced, highly effective solution for reducing unwanted heat gain or loss in buildings through radiant heat transfer. These barriers are designed to enhance the energy efficiency of attics, ceilings and walls, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications. By reflecting radiant heat rather than absorbing it, FI-FOIL® radiant barriers contribute significantly to a building’s thermal comfort, leading to lower energy costs and a more sustainable environmental footprint. Their easy integration into new construction or retrofit projects makes FI-FOIL® a preferred choice for professionals seeking to optimize thermal performance and promote environmental sustainability.

Air Barriers

FI-FOIL® air barriers significantly enhance building efficiency by controlling air leakage, improving indoor air quality and energy savings. SkyFlex™, a versatile and easy-to-install solution, offers superior air infiltration and exfiltration control, making it an ideal choice for achieving high-performance, energy-efficient building envelopes in both new and retrofit projects.

Specialized Insulation

Need a specialized insulation solution? We manufacturer SCIF barriers for secure communication environments and Class A Facing Insulation, ensuring advanced thermal performance and safety. SCIF barriers provide critical electromagnetic and frequency blocking, vital for sensitive information protection, while our Class A Facing Insulation delivers superior fire resistance and thermal efficiency. These products underscore our ongoing commitment to innovative, high-quality insulation solutions tailored for specialized applications, reinforcing energy efficiency and safety in both commercial and residential settings.

Insulation Accessories

FI-FOIL® insulation accessories, including our reflective tapes and the patented clip and pin system, are engineered to complement our insulation solutions, ensuring optimal performance and installation efficiency. Our reflective tapes are designed for creating airtight seals, enhancing the thermal efficiency of our radiant barriers and insulation products. The unique clip and pin system facilitates a rapid, secure installation process, streamlining project timelines while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the insulation. These innovative accessories reflect FI-FOIL® dedication to delivering not just superior insulation products but also the means to implement them seamlessly and effectively in any project.

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