Radiant and reflective insulation accessories support the efficiency of FI-FOIL® insulation products, insulation facings and air barriers.

A surprising amount of heat and moisture can transfer through insignificant, overlooked open spaces, crevices, joints or penetrations around ductwork. However, building envelopes must be completely sealed for insulation products to work effectively. FI-FOIL® accessories are designed to work with all our insulation solutions to seal up hard-to-reach joints, penetrations, holes and other exposed spaces.

To ensure the efficacy of our insulation systems, FI-FOIL® offers a range of tape accessories suitable for sealing our various products and other ancillary accessories, including garage door insulation kits.

FI-FOIL® Insulation Accessory Products

Garage Door Kit

Premium Energy-Saving Reflective Insulation

FI-FOIL mechanical fastener product shot

Insulation Fasteners

Clip-Pin & Washer Components

Insulation Tapes

Reflective Tapes