Introducing SkyFlex VT: Fi-Foil Company’s Newest Flexible Sheet Air Barrier Aims to Reduce Moisture Damage and Improve Indoor Air Quality in All Climates

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AUBURNDALE, FL – Whether in a hot, humid climate or a cold one, controlling the radiant heat transfer in buildings where people live and work is the key to greater comfort and efficiency. When weather extremes put insulation systems in exposed walls to the test, HVAC systems often have a hard time providing a comfortable environment. Moisture control for healthier indoor air quality is also a growing concern among building science specialists who are leading the industry to innovate for better solutions. 

Fi-Foil Company’s newest flexible sheet air barrier, SkyFlex VT (Vapor Transmitting), is designed for use in walls where conditioned space abuts unconditioned or limited conditioned space. The SkyFlex VT air barrier with low emissive (Low-e) surfaces reflects 80 percent of radiant heat to keep buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It also provides a substantial related benefit: A technology advancement that allows vapor transmission to keep wall assemblies drier in all climates.

The advancement aims to reduce moisture behind the walls to prevent damage and improve overall indoor air quality.

SkyFlex VT incorporates metalized film reinforced with vapor-transmitting CLAF® fabric, making it the leading choice for architects, builders and contractors.

“This exceptional air barrier is more compact, easier to transport and easier to install than other air barrier products on the market, providing increased R-value at a lower cost,” Fi-Foil CEO Bill Lippy said. “One roll of SkyFlex VT covers as much wall space as 17 sheets of competitors’ thermal panels.

“Fi-Foil Company developed SkyFlex VT with the builder and contractor in mind, as a flexible sheet air barrier that improves energy efficiency and comfort at an affordable price,” Lippy continued. “Some preliminary testing also suggests that wall systems with fiberglass insulation that is installed to less than Grade I standards can have their thermal performance significantly improved with the addition of SkyFlex VT.

 “Fi-Foil is proud to continually innovate insulation solutions for the future of energy efficiency.”

SkyFlex VT is perfect for any area that is prone to excessive heat and moisture exposure, including attic knee walls for bonus rooms, stairwells, behind showers and tubs and elevator shafts.

Each lightweight (10-pound) roll of SkyFlex VT is 48 inches wide and 5 inches in diameter. The rolls individually contain 125 linear feet and cover 500 square feet. Because of the compact size and weight, SkyFlex VT installs up to twice as fast as competitors’ products, equating to overall savings on materials and labor.

Independent testing shows SkyFlex VT meets or exceeds ASTM E2178 Air Permeability, ASTM E96 Water Vapor Permeance and ASTM C1371 Material Emissivity standards. SkyFlex VT also meets ASTM E84 with a Class A flammability rating. SkyFlex VT, like other Fi-Foil products, is proudly manufactured in the United States.

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