Like every building, metal buildings need to be well insulated in order to offer thermal comfort, energy savings and reduced noise levels. With Fi-Foil’s Retroshield® System, insulation for metal buildings has never been easier or more cost effective.

What is the Fi-Foil Retroshield® System?

The RetroShield® System combines Fi-Foil’s advanced RBI Shield™ reflective bubble insulation with a patented Clip & Pin System. Specifically developed for the metal building industry, it’s an attractive, high-performance and easy to install insulation solution for retrofits and new buildings.

How Does Retroshield® Work?

The RBI Shield™double bubble reflective insulation works to reduce heat transfer via convection and conduction by trapping air in its small cells, formed from an industrial grade plastic that contains both an anti-oxidation agent and a UV inhibitor for durability. This also allows the insulation to have a low vapor transmission rate, helping to keep moisture away. The insulation’s two layers of air bubbles are sandwiched between a layer of white polyethylene facing and an aluminum surface, or two layers of aluminum for extreme thermal performance.

Combined with the patented Clip & Pin components, it’s easy to attach the insulation to the bottom of existing metal purlins, eliminating the need for bands or other support mechanisms that other systems on the market require. Since one edge of the RBI Shield™ includes an integrated tape tab for sealing seams, a clean, finished look is easy to achieve in little time.

Superior Thermal Performance

Steel purlins in  metal buildings  have no thermal resistance. As you can see on these infrared photos, the heat transfer through the purlins can be excessive, even on a mild partly cloudy day.

Retroshield Infared View

Upon installation, the RetroShield® System can reduce radiant heat transfer by over 90%. Its high reflectivity, and low emissivity offers maximum energy efficiency for any roof or wall retrofit application. Also, if specific thermal performance or R-value requirements are desired, the system can be back-loaded with additional mass insulation.

High-Quality, Easy to Install Insulation System for Metal Buildings

Uniquely designed for metal buildings, the benefits of the RetroShield® System include:

– Compatibility with all types of metal framing
– Easy and quick installation since no glue or support cables are required for a strong mechanical connection
– Exceptional noise reduction, particularly necessary in large metal buildings
– Improved building energy efficiency for reduced energy costs and improved comfort
– Moisture resistance, unlike standard mass insulation
– Clean and polished appearance

One-Step Installation Process for Time & Cost Savings

Since the installation of the RetroShield® System is such a simple process, it reduces the time on site. The Clip & Pin components attach to the lip of the purlin to secure the insulation, so no additional framing or other alterations are needed.

Ready to start using the Retroshield® System for your metal building insulation projects? Contact us or call (800) 448-3401 to learn more.

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