VR Plus Shield

Masonry walls are commonly used for multi-family housing, especially along coastal areas. Often used to provide additional strength against hurricane force winds and to lessen threat of termite damage, masonry walls are ideal for many commercial projects. And, a growing number of contractors are also using radiant insulation in the wall system to contribute to sustainability, gain R-value and greater efficiency for the building.

What is Fi-Foil VR Plus Shield?

VR Plus Shield is a multi-layer reflective insulation solution specifically designed for furred-out masonry walls. Since heat is transferred through radiation, convection and conduction, Fi-Foil designed a product that would address all types of heat transfer.

Unlike traditional insulating materials whose primary function is to reduce convection and conduction, The layers of VR Plus Shield use enclosed air spaces to reduce convection and the low emittance of reflective surfaces work to decrease radiant heat transfer.

VR Plus Shield is made of an outer layer of white kraft paper coated with polyethylene, a layer of natural kraft paper aluminum foil laminate and a layer of aluminum foil. The layers of this unique insulation separate upon installation using internal expanders, creating three reflective air spaces ranging in size between ¼” and ½”. Each space has an R-value of up to R-7.1 on 1.5” furring.

VR Plus is available in two versions. The first is a standard, non-perforated version that functions as a vapor retarder. The second, Hi-Perm, is a perforated version that allows vapor transmission depending on the design of the building envelope and climate zone requirements. Both versions are also available with a staple tab for wood framing or a tape tab for metal framing, making this solution versatile and compatible with any kind of masonry wall insulation project.

Overall Value with High-Performance Masonry Wall Insulation

Builders across the country have chosen VR Plus for both commercial and residential projects. It is a versatile, high-performance and cost-effective solution that ensures long-lasting quality.

Choosing VR Plus Shield Over Rigid Foam Insulation

Traditionally, masonry walls have been insulated using rigid foam insulation. However, with VR Plus on the market, more projects are now switching to this Fi-Foil innovative, affordable and effective reflective insulation solution.

For example, while building the Premier Surgery Center in Tavares, FL, Cotter Ryan Construction chose to use VR Plus Shield instead of the specified foam board insulation. Using the Fi-Foil solution ended up costing less than half of what the foam board would have cost. It also achieved R-7 over the 1 ⅝” furred cavity of the masonry wall. In addition, the Hi-Perm version was selected to allow vapor transmission, essential for a building located in a hot, humid climate.

Choosing VR Plus Shield for masonry wall projects not only helps to save money but also enhances the quality and energy efficiency of buildings.

Use Fi-Foil VR Plus Shield for the most affordable, high-performance and easy to install insulation for masonry walls. Contact us or call (800) 448-3401 for more information.

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