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While sufficient amounts of spray foam, fiberglass and cotton insulation can provide high R-values, they do not address radiant heat transfer. HY-Fi, a hybrid insulation system, works together with these and other traditional mass insulation to increase thermal resistance, add reflective insulation benefits and reduce the amount of insulation required.

Selected by Phil Kean Design Group for The New American Remodeled Home 2017, HY-Fi clearly demonstrates its innovative status in the industry. If an air space exists in the building envelope, HY-Fi can be used to make it better by:

Reducing the Amount of Traditional Insulation Required

By combining HY-Fi with traditional insulation like spray foam or fiberglass, the system achieves a higher overall R-value. And, with this hybrid system, builders can get the job done faster while saving material and labor costs.

Especially useful in regions where building codes are stringent, insulation installers and builders now have a solution to achieve high R-value in smaller wall spaces (R-22 in the case of The New American Remodeled Home).

Providing a Solution for Radiant Heat Transfer

Fiberglass and spray foam insulation offer reduction in convective heat transfer. HY-Fi provides reduction in radiant heat transfer.

With multiple layers, this solution creates three reflective, low-emittance spaces between the interior wall and the spray foam insulation. The configuration typically adds an R-7 to the wall, eliminating the need to fill the entire cavity, reducing the need to shave the excess. By using this hybrid system, HY-Fi together with spray foam or fiberglass insulation, the two most prevalent forms of heat transfer, convection and radiation, are appropriately addressed while using less material.

How to Best Use Hy-Fi Hybrid Inuslation, Fi-Foil, FL

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Since HY-Fi can be paired with many types of mass insulation, higher R-values can be achieved in smaller spaces. By taking advantage of the air sealing benefits of spray foam insulation and the radiation resistance of HY-Fi, it’s easy to achieve greater performance and energy efficiency.

HY-Fi: The Ideal Companion to Traditional Insulation

A truly versatile, easy-to-install and low-cost companion with spray foam, fiberglass or cotton insulation, HY-Fi is a top choice among builders, contractors and architects. This reflective insulation systems allows buildings to more quickly meet code, and even exceed code requirements. An attractive insulation system, Hy-Fi has most recently been specified in The New American Remodeled Home, as well as a growing number of otHERS® in the industry.

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