Fi-Foil Shares Energy-Efficiency with Save the Tails. Cool!

We are so grateful to Jan Buehler and everyone at Fi Foil for their generous support of this project. Since the building was built in 1926, our options for insulating the exterior block walls were limited. We also faced the daunting challenge of insulating the roof and/or attic. FI-FOIL donated a radiant barrier shield for the roof and our unconditioned temperature in the building dropped by 20 degrees. Needless to say, it was a welcome relief as we worked in that building through a Florida summer. They also donated their AA2 Vapor Shield™ for our exterior walls from roof to floor. We’re crystal clear that combining the Fi Foil product with our R-11 in the walls and the R-19 in the attic will have this facility be more energy efficient that we ever hoped for. And…the product is manufactured in FLORIDA!

Many of the contractors working on the renovations have commented on how cool the building is considering there is no air conditioning yet. Every residence should consider adding this material to their attic.

Please visit to learn about the wide range of products they have.

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