AUBURNDALE, FL (AUGUST 20, 2020) ­­– FI-FOIL® is proud to announce that its Mechanical Fastener Systems – the same trusted components used with our RetroShield® System ­— will be sold separately to meet the needs of all contractors. The patented steel clip-pin and washer systems work with all types of metal framing to reduce labor costs and operational downtime.

In making the innovative Mechanical Fastener Systems widely available, FI-FOIL®, a leader in reflective insulation technologies, recognizes the industry’s need for a more secure mechanical connection for metal building insulation (MBI), bubble insulation or facings. FI-FOIL® Mechanical Fasteners are strong enough to support and secure hybrid backfilled insulation solutions for projects that need higher R-values.

FI-FOIL® CEO Bill Lippy said the Mechanical Fastener Systems clip-pin & washer components are a comprehensive solution to the cumbersome and time-consuming glued stick pins and support cables typically used for insulating metal buildings.

“By offering the mechanical fasteners independent of the RetroShield® System, FI-FOIL is providing contractors with the opportunity to work with the strongest metal-frame mechanical connection available on the market today,” Lippy said. “The move allows FI-FOIL to help even more contractors and building owners reach their energy-efficiency goals with a better fastener system to hold insulation in place for maximum performance and durability that can outlast other options.”

The Mechanical Fastener Systems clip-pin & washer components are designed to be used with a variety of beams, bar joists, purlins, sidewalls and floors, among other areas.

The easy one-pass installation makes the job quicker for contractors. Overall, depending on your insulation type, the system reduces thermal bridging by allowing for continuous insulation in both retrofits and new construction. That means building owners will see lower utility costs and increased energy savings.

Over the years, FI-FOIL® has heard rave reviews about the Mechanical Fastener Systems. Lippy said he is excited to hear even more positive feedback from the next generation of users.

“FI-FOIL is already known for its forward-thinking approach to radiant barriers and energy-saving solutions. We look forward to providing all customers – new and existing – with products and systems that fit their ongoing individual needs,” he said.

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