Last month at the Southeast Building Conference, builder Bill Cook unveiled the 2014 New Southern Home. At just over 6600 sq.ft. the New Southern Home features transitional warm modern architectural style which is perfectly in tune with with the homes in the neighborhood.

M-Shield in the New Southern Home

We are thrilled to announce that the 2014 New Southern Home also featured our popular masonry insulation: M-Shield®. Bill Cook had this to say about his choice to use M-Shield:

“We chose Fi-Foil’s masonry wall insulation, M-Shield, for the 2014 New Southern Home due to its unique material qualities:  cellulose free – no food for mold growth; high permeance which allows the wall to dry; and good thermal performance.”

In addition, Bill recognized our commitment to local Florida jobs:

“We also appreciate that Fi-Foil is a Florida manufacturer of insulating products –  local sourcing means less transportation cost and more jobs for Floridians.”

2014 New Southern Home M-Shield Insulation    M-Shield in New Southern Home

The 2014 New Southern Home is a great collaboration of the industry’s top innovators. From it’s elegant exterior to stunning light-filled rooms, the New Southern Home serves as inspiration for new home builders and architects. We want to thank Bill for choosing M-Shield® for this truly one-of-a-kind southern home.

Click here to learn more about M-Shield®.

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