A booming real estate market is the perfect time to look into how your metal building could be improved for future renters or buyers. Or maybe you just want to enhance your own workspace in an affordable way. Whatever the motivation, it may be easier than you think to improve the functionality and appearance of your building, using a few steps. Be sure to stick around for the final hacks with the most potential.

1. Start with the Exterior for a Good Impression

Curb appeal and exterior beauty are the first impressions many customers will have of your space, but it’s not something most people associate with metal buildings. There are several ways to improve the look of a steel structure to make it blend in or stand out with little distinction. The most affordable options for cleaning up your exterior include spotlighting and landscaping, and Matt the Painter dives into choosing when to repaint and the best steps to do so. Upgrading doors, windows, and shutters are pricier options, but they will also create a more interesting exterior, similar to a home, making it more inviting. Installing unique overhead doors or barn doors, glass doors, sliding doors, double front doors or embellished doors can also boost the look of your building.

2. Create an Aesthetic & More Functional Interior

There are a few easy ways to clean up the interior space of metal buildings to improve look, function and performance. One cosmetic and functional element is attaching plywood between the girts and the floor to provide a sturdy wall surface to hide existing electrical cables and provide a finished look for outlets. Then, adding useful features such as shelving, cabinets, workbenches, extra lighting or storage can all provide a more functional workspace to improve productivity and organization. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and a finish to the cabinets can also improve the look of the space.

3. Improve Comfort & Energy Efficiency

In making improvements to reduce energy costs, it’s essential to ensure all joints, penetrations, and openings are sealed well across the building. Properly sealed roofing, doors joints and penetrations can cut back considerably on HVAC load, which can save energy and prolong the life of these systems. Additionally, water leaks can cause damage, introduce mold or allow pests and rodents to find their way in. Roof and ground sealing is the best way to avoid these issues. Some of the most effective methods of sealing and waterproofing the exterior include pre-cured silicone sealants, membrane and fastener sealant systems, liquid sealants and pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes. A proper seal with the right insulation can improve comfort and resiliency while keeping your building better protected from moisture, dust and pests.

4. Brighten the Interior with the Perfect Insulation

best way to insulate a metal buildingRetrofit metal building insulation is a great way to provide a fresh, clean look for the interior. A double bubble insulation for metal buildings with a reflective side surface facing an enclosed air gap and a white side surface facing the interior will instantly brighten the space of the building. The reflective insulation can also block 95% of radiant heat and reduce thermal bridging for continuous insulation. Fi-Foil RetroShield® System is flexible, easy to cut and seal, and doubles as an attractive ceiling, providing a clean and beautiful look for the building. It’s also one of the best and easiest-to-install systems of its kind on the market. The insulation fasteners work well with all types of metal framing to provide a strong connection that can hold even the highest R-value requirements for back-filled insulation. The fasteners eliminate the need for glue or support cables which allows the system to be installed in just one-pass to reduce labor cost and operational downtime. This system is known for ease in fitting and sealing around existing equipment, skylights and lighting, creating a strong, effective insulation system proven to reduce energy costs.

5. Use a Radiant Insulation to Reduce Monthly Utility Bills

While successfully improving the aesthetic and feel of any building, using a radiant insulation system can also significantly save money on monthly utility bills. The RetroShield System reduces thermal bridging for continuous insulation and adds up to R16 without any additional insulation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs by 5% to 10% in warmer climates. This shield system is easy, saves labor and HVAC costs, and will help reduce condensation to keep your building healthy and looking great for years, when installed in a properly sealed building.

These metal frame building hacks are affordable, beneficial and relatively easy to incorporate. Take the next steps to improve functionality and curb appeal of your building. If you’d like more information about some of the systems mentioned in this article, please visit FiFoil.com/Retroshield.

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