Our cutting-edge hybrid insulation system, HY-Fi®, was recently featured in Retrofit Magazine’s Hot New Products e-newsletter.  Read the article below!

Hybrid Insulation Combines Low Emittance with Air Spaces

Fi-Foil Co., a provider of radiant barriers and reflective insulation, has released HY-Fi®. This hybrid insulation product provides builders and insulators with a cost-effective approach to creating high R-value walls.

The HY-Fi® hybrid insulation system combines low-emittance surfaces and enclosed air spaces. When used in combination with traditional insulation, such as fiberglass batts or spray foam, it creates a superior insulating system at an unmatched price point.

Commercial and Agricultural Ceilings

HY-Fi® Insulation addresses the dominant form of heat transfer–radiation–with layers of high reflectance and low emittance materials. This configuration creates three reflective air spaces between the interior wall and traditional insulation that adds an additional R-8 to the wall — which can reduce the amount of spray foam or fiberglass batts needed to achieve the desired R-Value. It is an especially attractive solution in areas with stringent building codes as it provides insulators and builders with a versatile and low cost hybrid system that achieves R-21 in small wall spaces. Depending on the material combinations, HY-Fi® provides one of least expensive approaches to high performance walls currently available on the market.

For insulation contractors, HY-Fi® provides an innovative new product that can round out a company’s insulation product offerings, and a cutting edge way to accomplish high performance when confronted with price pressure.

In addition to the cost savings and increased insulating performance, HY-Fi® is extremely easy to install. Fi-Foil will be unveiling HY-Fi® to industry experts at all the major building and insulation conferences this season.

HY-Fi® insulation exceeds ASTM C1224, the Standard Specification of reflective insulation. It also meets International Building, Residential, and Energy Conservation codes. It available in both a non-perforated (standard) version with a rating of .2 perms, and a Hi-Perm variety with a rating of 5.42 perms.

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