The NAHB predicts robust growth in the building industry over the next two years with single-family housing starts topping 1.16 million in 2015. In addition, with the continued growth of building performance measures, the demand for energy efficient building technologies will continue to rise rapidly. This is good news for the building industry, good news for the country, and good news for the environment.

As companies gear up to take on this increased business, there is a troubling trend in the insulation and building communities that is resulting in increased labor costs, higher material costs, and a negative impact on the environment. The problem is over-spray in wall cavities and the resulting spray foam shavings.

Especially with low-density open-cell spray foam, insulators attempting to achieve the required R-Value often completely fill the wall cavity—resulting in over-spray as the foam expands and sets. Insulation contractors must then shave the overspray so that the foam is flush with the wall studs in order to allow proper installation of the wallboard. The resulting piles of spray foam shavings represent a significant waste of money, materials, and labor; the latter increasingly in short supply as the housing market continues to recover.

FI-FOIL® has a unique and rather simple solution to the problem of spray foam shaving: HY-Fi®, an insulated-facing system that improves the performance of any remaining air space in the wall cavity. The R-value is based on the air space between HY-Fi® and the spray foam. For example, HY-Fi® adds R-7 to walls with 1 ½” of remaining air space in the wall cavity. Therefore, insulators can spray 2″ of closed-cell polyurethane foam in a 2″ X 4″ wall, or 4″ of open-cell SPF in a 2″ X 6″ wall, install HY-Fi®, and still achieve R-21 or higher.

Labor is scarce and the issue is compounding as housing starts rise. HY-Fi® hybrid insulation represents a practical and cost-effective solution to the pressing issue of spray foam shaving and the need for high performance wall systems.

About FI-FOIL®
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