Now approved for Icynene Closed Cell Foam line

Did you know TBB adds additional thermal resistance from the thickness of the TBB insulation, air films, and, where applicable, enclosed reflective air spaces? It also provides improved acoustic performance over other thermal barrier coatings. Not to mention, aesthetically, TBB greatly improves the appearance of any existing buildings.


Updated HY-Fi® evaluation report released in October

We’re excited to share the updated IAMPO-ES Report, HERE,  for the HY-Fi® Hybrid Insulation System. HY-Fi® is an attractive solution in areas with stringent building codes as it provides insulators and builders with a versatile, low cost, and easy to install hybrid system that achieves R-21 in small wall spaces.

Fi-Foil ICAA Conference

From Las Vegas to Tampa, our team has been busy

The Fi-Foil team has been all over the map this past month – from ICAA to Metalcon. We’ve had the pleasure to spend time with some excellent companies and partners throughout the US and it’s always great to showcase our products, systems and accessories. We’ll continue to aim to improve the efficiency of the building envelope by significantly reducing radiant heat transfer and air infiltration – it’s fun when we can present our progress to our industry peers.

Here’s to you, Dan Stogner! Good luck on your next chapter!

It’s our very least favorite thing to do; however, occasionally great people move on for opportunities closer to their home and family. We’d like to wish Southwest Regional Sales Manager Dan Stogner the best of luck as he embarks on a new adventure. Thank you for all your hard work, Dan!

And also…Happy Halloween!


Our Inside Sales Coordinator extraordinaire Beth Burton dresses the part and urges everyone to have a fun and safe Halloween celebration this weekend! 


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