Fi-Foil’s Architect Toolbox puts all critical resources in one location

Architects use tools – from drafting pencils to advanced computer programs – to design and manage complex projects. Fi-Foil’s new Architect Toolbox introduces a suite of resources designed to further support precision work.

Fi-Foil, a leader in high-performance reflective insulation and radiant barriers, developed its Architect Toolbox to help designers learn more about this advanced technology, how it works in many areas across the building envelope including all documents needed to streamline project development and management. The Architect Toolbox makes it easier than ever to include Fi-Foil’s reflective technology in building designs.

Jan Bradford, Fi-Foil’s Director of Architectural Sales, said toolbox resources aim to support architects’ work from preplanning through the design/build process. The toolbox can help architects and other building professionals, whether they work strictly on digital platforms or prefer using more traditional drawing instruments.

Bradford said, “We have made it easier for all architects to see what we offer on an accessible and educational platform.”

After launching the Architect Toolbox, the first thing users will notice is the clean design with relevant topics:

Fi-Foil University

Fi-Foil University
offers a variety of American Institute of Architects (AIA) nationally approved continuing education coursework with online learning and in-person seminar options.

The online courses incorporate audio, video and slideshows that are interesting and educational. The courses are mobile-friendly and allow busy professionals to learn at their own pace. Users can also download the courses and retake tests immediately.

In-person seminars can be scheduled by filling out a form on the website. Fi-Foil coordinates a convenient time and provides an in-person Lunch and Learn or webinar for the group.

When either an online or in-person class is completed, Fi-Foil reports the credits to the AIA for tracking purposes. Certificates are available immediately upon finishing the course.

Fi-Foil Product Binder

Fi-Foil’s WikiSTIK, an app available for iPhone (and coming soon for Android), keeps all technical product information – installation guides, safety data sheets, warranties, brochures and application and specification sheets – in one convenient location.

The WikiSTIK product binder is made to be used by all members of a design/build team, including architects, builders, contractors, distributors, energy raters, as well as code officials.

The app includes information about reflective insulation, radiant barriers, SCIF barriers, air barriers, Class A facing and metal building insulation. In addition, information about Fi-Foil accessories – garage door kits, tapes and mechanical fasteners – are included. Users can also view Fi-Foil project profiles, the specification toolbox and the technical library on the app.

Specification Toolbox

All team members — architects, builders, contractors, distributors, energy raters and code officials – can get quick and easy access to product information in Fi-Foil’s specification toolbox.

The spec toolbox contains technical details about Fi-Foil’s radiant barriers, air barriers, knee walls, masonry wall insulation, frame wall insulation, metal building insulation and Class A insulation facing.

The technical library in the spec toolbox includes white papers with current and historical research relevant to reflective insulation.

BIM/Revit-Ready Details

Fi-Foil’s building information modeling (BIM) library integrates with BIMsmith Forge to provide effortless access to product data. Fi-Foil products, including reflective insulation, radiant barriers, SCIF barriers and air and specialty barriers, are included in the library.

With BIM integration, designers can add Fi-Foil materials to custom building product assemblies or a Fi-Foil pre-built attic, wall or ceiling system available in BIMsmith.

With Fi-Foil’s BIM integration, designers can easily specify Fi-Foil materials in their custom-building product assemblies.

Bradford said Fi-Foil’s BIM integration eliminates the time-consuming task of searching for details vital to design and building.

“We have the latest digital tools that professionals need to complete projects,” she said. “It’s easy to navigate and access.”

Bradford also said Fi-Foil’s Architect Toolbox addresses many of the challenges that architects face daily by helping streamline the process within any medium used.

“With Fi-Foil’s Architect Toolbox, we’re reaching all generations of architects,” she said.

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