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RetroShield July

Fast, simple installation solution … the next level of insulation performance. A high-value insulation system.Developed primarily for the metal building industry, the RetroShield® System is the ideal solution for retrofitting and upgrading insulation systems in new and existing metal buildings. It is easy to install – compare the installation procedure to vinyl-backed batt and you’ll see what we mean.

RetroShield® offers maximum energy efficiency for any roof or wall retrofit application. The reflective insulation technology provides high reflectivity and low emissivity for superior thermal performance.

Additional benefits:

  • Buildings are cooler and more comfortable with reflective insulation
  • You don’t have to remove existing insulation, as you do with spray foam
  • RetroShield can be back-loaded with unfaced batt insulation for higher R-values
  • RetroShield costs less than the competition

SEBC 2015 Recap – Top 4 Takeaways

SEBC 2015

We had a great time at SEBC 2015. It was good seeing all our customers and partners who could make it there. We also learned a lot, so for those of you who couldn’t make it (or were busy socializing) we summarized our 4 key takeaways.

1. What we learned about technology

Brand new, active building technologies
Buildings are getting smarter through active technology like the integration of computers to control lighting and HVAC. Impressive stuff.

Reinvented passive technologies
Builders and consumers are also taking a deeper look these days at passive technology in construction. There’s a growing awareness throughout the building supply chain that products like insulation provide resistance to multiple forms of heat transfer. This includes reflective insulation, which limits both conductive and radiant heat transfer, and spray foam, which limits convection and conductive heat transfer.

Our product, HY-Fi, factored into this part of the conference. HY-Fi works in concert with spray foam to limit all 3 forms of heat transfer.

Passive tech garnered a lot of attention – other products in this area were house wraps that act as an air barrier and water management system, while still allowing vapor transmission.

2. What we learned about building aesthetics
This year’s conference featured a lot of recycled cladding. These products use what was a waste material and now provide improved strength and impact resistance without sacrificing beauty.

3. What we learned about job sites and contractors in the field
Contractors seemed to be focused on reduced waste throughout the build cycle and increased job site documentation and tracking. Additionally, they were seeking out high value products that showed a balance between performance and cost. Here again, Fi-Foil products fit the bill, and we were able to connect with a number of contractors about this topic.

4. What we learned about advocacy, research and codes
SEBC gave us the opportunity to thank the people who tirelessly work in this area. They constantly struggle to balance special interest power and influence when it does not make sense, provide fiscally reasonable and responsible measures, increase public safety and increase energy efficiency.

There are some new changes in Florida law coming soon that we want to tell you about. Look for that in an upcoming article from us.

Don’t wait until next year’s SEBC to learn about Fi-Foil products or to connect with our team. Call us today!

Fi-Foil offers insulation products that are uniquely designed to address common problem areas within the building envelope of new residential homes, apartment buildings, and industrial and commercial structures typically built in warmer climates.

Manufactured right here in our Auburndale facility, Fi-Foil products make building structures that are compliant with the Florida Residential Energy Code and Commercial Energy Code simpler and more affordable than ever.

For example, many builders who are now installing Fi-Foil VR Plus Shield instead of traditional ¾ inch foam board are increasing the R-value performance of their masonry walls by 20% – at no additional cost.

For more information, or to find out how you can receive enough free Fi-Foil product to complete your first project, contact us today.

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