When constructing or insulating a metal building or steel-structured roof, there are multiple factors to consider when searching for the perfect product – Temperature control, moisture restriction, labor and materials cost and cosmetics being just a few. An advanced metal building insulation (MBI) creates a comfortable and sustainable interior to any metal frame building.

Here are the top five most important things to look for in a superior MBI:

  1. Regulates temperature and condensation
  2. Delivers higher R-value
  3. Easy to handle and install
  4. Energy-efficient
  5. Saves labor

Fi-Foil’s RetroShield® system with unique mechanical fasteners is the perfect fit for any metal building or steel structure.

1. Regulates Temperature and Condensation

The right insulation designed to install securely to the face of purlins or beams will mitigate radiant heat transfer and moisture accumulation to keep buildings cooler in the Summer, warmer in the Winter and provide proper moisture protection.

Fi-Foil’s RetroShield® MBI is a flexible reflective double bubble insulation that enhances air gaps in cavities of ceiling or wall systems. This type of insulation, installed with the mechanical fasteners, can reduce thermal bridging for better performance and continuous insulation. It can also be used in combination with other mass insulation for increased thermal performance. Ultimately, this helps reduce the load on the HVAC system to save money on utility bills.

An unprotected or poorly insulated metal building can feel like a rainforest on a hot day due to poor moisture control. RetroShield® fights against moisture instead of absorbing it.

The system fits easily to install around lighting, pipes or other utility systems in and around the ceiling or walls. When sealed properly, RetroShield® creates airtight cavities across the metal structures. Assuming the integrity of the metal structures and when all penetrations and joints are taped or sealed, this system is an effective vapor retarder.

2. Higher R-value

A high R-value, combined with a solution that installs on the face of beams or purlins, is vital in reducing thermal bridging within a metal frame building or metal roof structure. While fiberglass and spray foam are fine options, the RetroShield® system offers something different from the standard.

The RetroShield® system MBI can add up to R-16 without any additional insulation, making it perfect for construction in both hot and cold climates. Being double bubble reflective insulation, it lessens radiant heat transfer compared to otHERS® on the market.

This product is available in three different facings to create a cleaner look that doubles as a ceiling – Aluminum, white and black. The aluminum facing has a value of R-16, while the white and black facings add R-12. The different options in facings provide better performance, comfort, and aesthetics.

3. Much Easier to Install

What makes RetroShield® so easy to install compared to the industry standard? Fi-Foil’s mechanical fasteners set the installation apart.

A variety of clip and pin fasteners provide a strong mechanical connection without the hassle of glue, support cables or banding. They work well with any metal framing and some wood framing, making it a nearly universal system.

And the variety of custom facing colors, widths and fasteners make this one of the most versatile solutions for metal structures currently on the market.

4. Energy-Efficient

One of the goals with a metal building insulation is to provide long-term cost savings through energy efficiency. The high R-value offered by RetroShield® and Mechanical Fasteners helps to accomplish that.

In keeping heat inside in the winter and cool air inside in the summer, building owners will have less load on their HVAC unit, decreasing energy consumed and saving money. The double bubble is a durable reflective insulation that helps accomplish this energy saving.

5. Saves Labor

Fi-Foil’s patented Clip-Pin and Washer pieces deliver a 1-pass installation that reduces operational downtime and saves labor. The electro-galvanized steel fasteners create a solid mechanical connection.

If installed correctly, the RetroShield® system fasteners are strong enough to securely hold more than 60 pounds of insulation, reducing the need for callbacks.

Fi-Foil’s RetroShield® system can also help improve comfort and worker productivity. The system has been used and proven efficient by national food and consumer goods distribution companies. It’s the easy choice for retrofit and new construction.

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