AUBURNDALE, FL – As an increasing number of government agencies, military installations, and commercial businesses seek ways to secure sensitive information, FI-FOIL® — the leader in high-performance insulation technology — is now offering its multi layered RF Shield™ barrier to block interference and prevent intrusion.

FI-FOIL® multi-layered RF Shield™ cripples electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference in sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) rooms where National Security Agency (NSA) TEMPEST specifications are vital. RF Shield has been verified through a third-party independent IEEE-299 shielding effectiveness test at an NSA-approved TEMPEST facility.

“The product is designed to keep IT systems secure and information locked down, saving users from the hassles, headaches and expenses that come with breaches” company CEO Bill Lippy said.

“We are proud to bring another quality solution to the building industry once again, this time with its cutting-edge RF Shield SCIF technology. Utilizing the latest scientific and technological advancements, RF Shield™ is designed to safeguard information of all kinds,” Lippy said. “At Fi-Foil, we understand how important it is to thwart cyber attacks and information leaks before they happen. RF Shield™ was created with safety in mind, and the applications are rapidly expanding in the commercial sector for inventory control and security.”

RF Shield™ comes in two variations — solid and perforated. Both are constructed of two outer layers of 99 percent pure aluminum foil with a strong inner layer of reinforced fiberglass scrim and Kraft paper.

Tests, performed at an accredited TEMPEST facility, show that RF Shield™ meets or exceeds minimum requirements for high-performance testing to 378 frequencies. RF Shield™ reduces noise impact and provides high-performance frequency shielding at an average RF attenuation of 73 dB.

RF Shield™ also meets the ASTM E84 Class A flame compliance rating and has Low-e reflective surfaces for thermal protection when exposed to air space.

Each roll of RF Shield™, which is 51 inches wide and 118 feet long, covers 500 square feet. It is perfect for applications in the military, government, NASA and retail and commercial businesses. RF Shield, like other Fi-Foil products, is proudly manufactured in the United States.

About FI-FOIL®
FI-FOIL® manufactures advanced reflective insulation products and SCIF barrier systems. The company offers an extensive line of value-engineered products made with sustainable building materials. Products are ASTM International tested and backed by third-party verified code compliance. FI-FOIL® has been serving the industry for 34 years and is committed to sustainability and advancement of green building technologies. Learn more at

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