A 3,800-square-foot building in Leander, TX, needed insulation. HY-Fi® was the solution. We increased the R-factor by 5.2, from R-14.8 to R-20. HY-Fi® provides higher performance for the building owner while being easy for the contractor to install.

Project Solution:

  • 3″ of open cell and HY-Fi® in 2×6 (R-20 in 2×6)
  • 2×4 2.5 inches of open cell and HY-Fi® (R-14)
  • R-14.8 increased to R-20, eliminating an inch of open cell foam by adding HY-Fi
  • No shaving required – no waste!

Air Barriers and Vapor Retarders

Air Barriers

Air leakage can have detrimental effects on a building, resulting in increased energy costs, long term damage and compromised indoor air quality. Fi-Foil’s Air Barriers are flexible, for fast and easy installation. They can add R-Value to the building envelope and options include economy and high performance.

Vapor Retarders

In many parts of the country and in various climate zones, builders and designers require various classes of vapor retarders to meet building codes and/or building envelope requirements. Fi-Foil has both specific products that function as vapor retarders as well as versions within its reflective insulation product line that include a vapor retarder option.

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Fi-Foil’s Retroshield System is Easy to Install

The RetroShield® System is the ideal solution for retrofitting and upgrading insulation systems in new and existing metal buildings. RetroShield® provides thermal performance for the building owner and a fast, easy installation for the installing contractor at an affordable lower cost – lower than most competing systems on the market.

The key to the system are the Clip & Pin components which easily attach to the lip of the purlin, beam or bar joist to secure Fi-Foil’s UV-resistant reflective insulation. This system provides high reflectivity and low emissivity for superior thermal performance. The result is a simple installation that greatly reduces labor costs by eliminating the need for banding or other alterations often necessary in retrofit work.

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Fi-Foil offers insulation products that are uniquely designed to address common problem areas within the building envelope of new residential homes, apartment buildings, and industrial and commercial structures typically built in warmer climates.

Manufactured in our Auburndale facility, Fi-Foil products make building structures that are compliant with the Florida Residential Energy Code and Commercial Energy Code simpler and more affordable than ever.

For example, many builders who are now installing Fi-Foil VR Plus Shield instead of traditional ¾ inch foam board are increasing the R-value performance of their masonry walls by 20% – at no additional cost.

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