HVAC contractors often approach jobs with a single-minded vision: install (or repair) the system and move on.

In an ever-growing service economy, it’s time to think outside the ductwork.

Expanding their options to include specialized insulation products to complement HVAC systems can help contractors make customers’ homes or buildings more comfortable, energy-efficient and cost-effective – and put additional dollars in their pockets.

How Insulation Add-ons Boost HVAC Systems

Used with other types of insulation, add-ons improve the performance of HVAC ducts and systems by minimizing thermal energy transfer through attics, walls and crawlspaces and decreasing the load on these systems.

As a result, they reduce the strain on air conditioning and heating units and increase the life of the system – which can save the home or building owner money on utility bills and earn the HVAC contractor a loyal customer.

Common add-on products to improve the performance of HVAC systems include:

  • Attic Radiant Barriers: Standard insulation such as fiberglass batts or spray foam work to slow heat transfer through conduction. Adding a radiant barrier, specifically in an attic, helps by reflecting heat rather than absorbing it to slow heat transfer through radiation, according to the Department of Energy. Particularly effective in hot climates, especially in attics where air ducts are installed, radiant barriers block or reflect UV energy that would otherwise cause temperatures to rise in the bounded, open-air space(s). Together, the two types of insulation reduce the amount of heat that reaches the building envelope of the home.
  • Air Barriers: Typically installed in wall cavities, air barriers add an additional layer of defense against radiant heat transfer between indoor (conditioned) air and outdoor air, as well as R-value in some cases.
  • Crawlspace Insulation: Air and moisture can enter a structure from the floor, especially if a crawlspace exists beneath it. Reflective bubble insulation is ideal for crawl space applications, providing an air and moisture retarder to improve thermal performance and indoor air quality. Made of inorganic materials, bubble insulation keeps pests at bay. Low-e surfaces facing enclosed cavities also add R-value to keep floors warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Fi-Foil and Insulation Add-ons

Fi-Foil is a leader in specialty insulation products, including:

Explaining the Benefits of Insulation Add-ons to Customers

Home or building owners may perceive the mention of insulation add-ons as just another upsell.

In these cases, HVAC contractors will need to explain the ways that products that help improve the performance of HVAC systems can help customers achieve the comfort, energy savings and system longevity that are important to them.

Benefits to discuss include:

  • That the HVAC system is designed to condition the air in the living spaces of their home or building and that any additional insulation that reflects up to 95% of radiant heat can dramatically improve comfort levels.
  • Adding radiant barriers, air barriers and crawlspace insulation can enhance HVAC system function to improve efficiency and prolong the life of their system.
  • Adding air barriers, attic radiant barriers and crawlspace insulation may save them hundreds of dollars on utility bills over the life of the system.

To help HVAC contractors interested in exploring the profit potential in specialized insulation add-ons, Fi-Foil has launched the 2020 Try-Fi Program. The program offers 20% off the first order and the option of a first add-on free.

To grow your business and help your customers improve the performance and comfort of their homes, contact Fi-Foil today and ask about the 2020 Try-Fi Program. Visit our website or call 888-513-4972.

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