An Attic Radiant Barrier system is commonly used to reduce summer heat gain and winter heat loss in new building construction or retrofit in order to improve comfort, lower conditioning and heating costs and prolong the life of HVAC systems.

Attic radiant heat barriers work by blocking or reflecting UV heat that would otherwise cause temperatures to rise in the bounded open-air space(s) in the attic. Radiant barriers are particularly effective in hot climates, especially when air ducts are located in the attic.

Because attic radiant barriers effectively reduce radiant heat transfer, they are often used in conjunction with other thermal insulation such as fiberglass, spray foam and other building materials to provide a Systems Engineering approach to improve building performance and lower Home Energy Rating Scores (HERS®).

Attic Radiant Barriers – Silver Shield™ Attic Radiant Barrier

FI-FOIL® Radiant Barrier Options

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Silver Shield™

Elevate your building’s thermal efficiency with Silver Shield™, the ultimate reflective insulation. Crafted from advanced low-emittance layers and reinforced aluminum, Silver Shield™ dramatically reduces radiant heat transfer, offering exceptional energy savings and enduring performance.

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Radiant Shield™

An Industrial-strength aluminum foil radiant barrier with woven polyethylene reinforcement. Perfect for any application, it balances durability with vapor transmission for effective heat management.

Low-emittance (Low-e) radiant barrier foil is one of the best ways to insulate buildings from heat gain or loss in extreme seasonal temperatures. A multilayer attic radiant barrier installation can reflect 97% of radiant heat at the roof to reduce attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees in the summer and keep homes warmer and more comfortable in the winter. A multilayer attic radiant barrier can also improve HVAC duct and system performance by up to 50% which can afford builders an opportunity to use a smaller load system for their projects.

An attic radiant heat barrier can also be perforated, allowing controlled water vapor transmission. And, radiant barrier installation can be done in conjunction with other forms of insulation. Fi-Foil offers both single-layer Radiant Shield™ and multilayer Silver Shield™.

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