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easy to install insulation rolls for post frame buildings

Reduce Condensation

Easy to Install Insulation and Vapor Retarder; Keeps Your Metal Building Drier, Year-Round.

reflective insulation with limited lifetime warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Experience Peace of Mind with Our Industry-Exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty.

post frame insulation options

Prevent Delamination

Best-In-Class Formulation Provides a Stronger, Thicker, Brighter Bubble Insulation That Wont Breakdown or Fade.

insulation for metal buildings fi foil icon

Increase Energy Efficiency

Add Up to R-10 with a 1" Drape; Stopping 95% of Radiant Heat Transfer.

The Preferred Choice in Insulation for Metal Roof Structures

Fi-Foil Reflective Bubble Insulation (RBI) stops up to 95% of radiant heat transfer and reduces condensation to improve conditions in new metal buildings or metal roof structures.

One of the strongest bubble insulations on the market, Fi-Foil RBI Shield is specially formulated to protect against delamination. Its also an effective vapor barrier that blocks pests and brightens the buildings interior to improve workspaces.

Its unique low-e surfaces can improve thermal performance, reduce the load on HVAC systems, and keep buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter for greater comfort year-round. Protect your assets and improve productivity.

  • Reduces Condensation

  • Adds up to R-10 with 1" Drape

  • Adds Thermal Performance & Comfort, Year-Round

  • Stops 95% of Radiant Heat Transfer

  • Saves Energy to Reduce Operating Costs

  • R&D Formulated With A Premium White Polymer Facing

  • Doubles as An Attractive Ceiling

  • Brightens the Workspace

  • No Cracking, Peeling, Pitting, Chalking or Discoloration

  • Best-In-Class Performance & Strength

  • Cuts to Fit and Seal Easily Around Polycarbonate Skylights or Panels

  • Reflective Technology Keeps Buildings Cooler in the Summer, Warmer in the Winter with Less Load on HVAC Systems

  • Protects Your Assets

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • National Network of Distributors & Contractors

  • 48" and 72" Widths Available

  • Single or Double Bubble Versions

  • Reflective/White or Reflective/Reflective Surface Options

  • Moisture Resistant Material

  • Contains Proprietary Blend of Strengthing & Color Stabilizing Compounds

  • Contains Antioxidants that Reduce the Impact of UV Light and Oxidation

  • Class A Flammability Rating, Reflective/Reflective option

  • Integral Tap Tab Option to Seal Seams and Provide a Clean, Finished Look

  • Installer-Friendly, No Ichy Fibers

  • Less Expensive than Spray Foam

  • Can be Used Alone or Back-Loaded with Mass Insulation in Cooler Climate Zones

Meeting and Exceeding Industry Standards


  • Meets International Building, Residential and Energy Codes

  • Meets Florida Building, Residential and Energy Conservation Codes

Ideal Additional Building Applications for RBI Shield

agricultural post frame building insulation
Enhance Performance with Top-Tier Reflective Bubble Insulation for Agricultural Buildings
  • Cattle Barns
  • Chicken Farms
  • Large Scale Chicken Housing
  • Other Livestock Buildings
commercial pole building insulation rolls
Discover Superior Energy Savings with Leading Reflective Bubble Insulation for Commercial Buildings
  • Gymnasiums
  • Metal Roof Buildings
  • Single and Multi Family Housing
  • Commercial or Residential Pole Barns
best insulation for post frame buildings
Harness the Power of Reflective Bubble Insulation to Optimize Efficiency and Cut Costs in Industrial Buildings.
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Military Buildings
  • Other Industrial Applications



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