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Product Description:

HY-Fi is a cutting edge hybrid insulation product that provides a very cost-effective approach to creating high R-value walls. The HY-Fi hybrid insulation system combines low emittance surfaces and enclosed air spaces. When used in combination with traditional insulation, such as fiberglass batts or spray foam, it creates a superior insulating system at an unmatched price point. HY-Fi is an especially attractive solution in areas with stringent building codes as it provides insulators and builders with a versatile, low cost, and easy to install hybrid system that achieves R-21 in small wall spaces. HY-Fi Insulation addresses the dominant form of heat transfer--radiation--with layers of high reflectance and low emittance materials. This configuration creates three reflective air spaces between the interior wall and traditional insulation that adds an additional R-8 to the wall -- which can reduce the amount of sprayfoam or fiberglass batts needed to achieve the desired R-Value. To view and/or download available 2D CAD drawing details of our HY-FI Hybrid Insulation system, please visit us here.

Semi-permeable (perforated) versions are highly recommended in hot-humid climates.

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