Project Solution

Wanted to create a cleaner, more sanitary warehouse environment. Project Solution: Tidewater Insulation installed FI-FOIL® RetroShield® System which has also been used successfully in renovating other warehouses. RetroShield® System combines RBI Shield™ reflective bubble insulation with a patented Clip & Pin System to attach the insulation to the bottom of the existing metal purlins, allowing you to leave the existing insulation in place. The reflective white facing used in this application will generate an additional R-12, acts as a radiant barrier and vapor barrier, and provides a clean, finished appearance. “Although this was my installer’s first job using FI-FOIL RetroShield® System, he earned his Christmas bonus on this one; finishing ahead of schedule.” – Jeff Beals, Branch Manager of Tidewater Insulators

Project Scope

Location Chesapeake, VA
Contractor Tidewater Insulators, Norfolk, VA
Date Completed November 2011
Product RetroShield®
Market Light Commercial, Manufacturing, Storage

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