Project Solution

Their gym’s existing ceiling and wall insulation was separating at the seams, breaking down and needing repair. Project Solution: Cary Quality Insulation & Building Products recommended FI-FOIL RetroShield® System which has also been used successfully in renovating other school gyms and fitness centers. RetroShield® System combines RBI Shield™ reflective bubble insulation with a patented Clip & Pin System to attach the insulation to the bottom of the existing metal purlins, allowing you to leave the existing insulation in place. The reflective white facing used in this application will generate an additional R-12, acts as a radiant barrier and vapor barrier, and provide a clean, finished appearance. “This was our first install of the RetroShield® System and it will now be our system of choice for existing metal buildings. The installation was very straightforward, and our customer was thrilled with the results.” – Matt Belman, Division Manager, Cary Quality Insulation & Building Products.

Project Scope

Location Fauquier, VA
Contractor Cary Quality Insulation & Building Products, Fredericksburg, VA
Date Completed December 2019
Product RetroShield®
Market Community

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