Project Solution: FI-FOIL® Insulation in Action Keeping Students Cool Against Florida Heat And Humidity

Davenport Middle School | Fi-Foil Products

Commercial building code requires Class A rated facing on insulation installed above suspended ceilings. To lower costs, BMK Architects specified FSK Shield™, as Class A rated facing, with unfaced batt insulation. This hybrid system saved approximately 20% over factory-laminated FSK-faced batts.

To allow access to the mechanical and electrical equipment, Polk County Public Schools asked BMK Architects to design a separate framing system installed about 1-1/2 feet above the suspended ceiling grid, to support the insulation.

On this framing system, the FSK Shield™ is installed foil-faced down and the unfaced batt insulation is laid on top of the FSK Shield™. FI-FOIL® FSK tape was used to complete the hybrid system providing an effective air, vapor and thermal barrier.

This cost saving high performance system is now specified for all the Polk County Public Schools.

Project Scope

Location Davenport, FL
Contractor Combee Insulation, Lakeland, FL
Building Size 100,000 sq. ft.
Date Completed December 2010
Product FSK Shield™
Market Schools
Application FSK Shield™ Class A Insulation Facing

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