Project Solution | HY-Fi® to Boost R-Value & More

Product Application: – 3″ of open cell and HY-Fi® in 2×6 (R-20 in 2×6), supporting documentation available – 2×4 2.5 inches of open cell and HY-Fi® (R-14) – R-14.8 increased to R-20, eliminating inch of open cell foam by adding HY-Fi® – No shaving required – no waste! “We took a 2×6 cavity and eliminated 1” of open cell foam and added HY-Fi® for an increase of the R factor to 5.2. These are the cheapest R’s in the insulation market. HY-Fi® is a better product for the end user for less, not to mention an easier application for the Contractor.”

Project Scope

Location Leander, TX
Contractor TruTeam (Austin, TX) | Sales Representative – Todd Spivey
Building Size 3,800 sq. ft.
Date Completed August 2015
Product HY-Fi®
Market Single-Family
Building Type Wood Framed

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