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The Exchange Park Building at the fairgrounds in Ladson, S.C., has a long history of hosting corporate events, festivals and shows, the fees from which go toward non-profits and charities. In 2016, the Coastal Carolina Fair raised more than $800,000 for charities and students. Like any well-loved building, however, the Exchange Park Building desperately needed repairs and upgrades. Originally an old, re-purposed open-air facility, the 25,000-square-foot Exchange Park Building began falling apart after 2010. Cooling in the summer and heating in winter requires massive amounts of energy. The existing insulation was falling onto the floor. Air gaps to the outside and the generally poor insulating properties of the building’s metal roof were becoming a problem. The problems had to be addressed so the building could continue to serve the more than 250,000 people who attend events at the 182-acre fairgrounds each year. Prince Payne Construction’s RetroShield® Solution The Exchange Park non-profit organization hired Prince Payne Construction of Summerville, S.C., to install new ceiling insulation. Prince chose RetroShield® as an effective solution.

This system increased the facility’s comfort and efficiency and provided a beautiful look for the interior. RetroShield® employs proprietary, patented clip-and-pin technology to quickly and easily install an attractive, finished ceiling insulation system on all types of metal framing. The clip-and-pin components allow for a solid connection without glue or other time-consuming support mechanisms. RetroShield® is a cost-effective, reflective bubble insulation system that does not absorb moisture like most other insulating materials. Clips affix directly to purlins and beams, a building’s interior metal support framing. Locking washers and tape tabs are then used to secure the insulation seamlessly across the entire ceiling. Metal beams and purlins conduct heat that radiates directly from the roof into the building’s interior. This lack of protection against radiant heat transfer creates a problem since the R-value (a measurement of thermal resistance) is close to zero for roof and wall components in metal buildings.

With RetroShield® System, the R-value may be as high as R16 using a reflective finish and R12 using a white finish, plus some continuous insulation protection to minimize the effect of these exposed metal components. The Renovated Exchange Park Building Carney, whose job includes managing 130 buildings on the site, said he was thoroughly satisfied with his decision to hire Prince Payne Construction. Prince Payne got the job done efficiently in as little time as possible. “Prince Payne finished the entire job in about two weeks,” said Carney. “The building was open for business again and ready to house the many gun shows, dog shows, home shows, corporate events and parties that the Exchange Park non-profit foundation relies on monthly. And because those funds are distributed to other non-profit organizations and to local students in need, it was imperative that the renovation job not take a long time to complete.”

Carney also noted that the building’s heating and cooling costs have plummeted since Prince Payne installed the RetroShield® and sealed off the structure’s growing air gaps. Lower air conditioning costs also ultimately saved money on the overall upkeep costs of the fairgrounds, freeing up more funds for charity. The Fi-Foil Company Advantage Specializing in high-performance insulation technologies, FI-FOIL offers an extensive line of value-added products, including the RetroShield® System installed in the Exchange Park Building. Other products include reflective insulation, radiant barriers, a flexible sheet air barrier, reflective facings for commercial structures, multi-layered insulation for residential homes, inert gas-filled panels for military applications, and a number of energy-efficient solutions for almost any need. For more information or to get a quote for your insulation project, contact FI-FOIL Company today.

Project Scope

Location Ladson, SC
Contractor Prince Payne Construction – Summerville, S.C.
Date Completed August 2014
Product RetroShield®
Market Community
Building Size 25,000 sq. ft.
Building Type Metal
Application Ceiling

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