Project Solution

Needed an insulation facing for their knee wall, that could hold the batt insulation in place until the drywall was installed. Project Solution: FI-FOIL Radiant Shield™ is offered in a Standard (non-perforated or vapor retarder) or Hi-Perm (perforated) Version. In this application, they used Hi-Perm. By stapling the 48” wide Radiant Shield™ to the framing on the garage side of their knee wall, they were able to use it as the backing to support their batt insulation until the drywall was installed. In this application, Radiant Shield™ not only acts as an insulation facing but also as a radiant barrier. The Class A fire rating allows the builder to leave the Radiant Shield™ exposed.

Project Scope

Location Lakeland, FL
Contractor Combee Insulation, Lakeland, FL
Date Completed August 2010
Product Radiant Shield™
Application Roofs, Walls, Attics & Ceilings, Knee Walls & Bonus Rooms, Basements & Crawl Spaces
Building Type Wood Frame

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