Project Solution

Designed and built by Go Green Construction as a LEED Platinum home near the Pacific shoreline of California, this home incorporates the most advanced technologies in the construction industry today. Flash & FOIL® was used in this home as an efficient way of obtaining the benefits of spray foam insulation and reflective insulation. Unlike many conventional insulating products, Flash & FOIL® does not contain any itchy fibers making it the perfect addition to this “Living Laboratory of Green Design”. “Since energy efficiency was our top priority with this home, we were so happy to find a product that would enhance our existing urethane foam insulation spec.” Said Fernando Feldman, The Go Green Home Developer and owner of Go Green Construction. “Not only was VR Plus Shield™ Hi-Perm easy to use, but it increased our insulation value by 25% in the walls.”

Project Scope

Building Size 6,000 sq. ft.
Date Completed January 2019
Product VR Plus Shield™
Market Single Family
Application Roofs, Walls, Attics & Ceilings, Knee Walls & Bonus Rooms, Basements & Crawl Spaces
Building Type Wood Framed

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