Project Solution

The 20-year fairgrounds’ arena was showing it’s age, with vinyl-faced insulation seams separating and sections falling down and needing a face-lift. Project Solution: West Coast Insulation of Sebring, FL, had installed FI-FOIL RetroShield® System on a livestock building for the Highlands County Fairgrounds in 2010. The system performed as promised so Highlands County contracted with West Coast Insulaiton to insulate an arena building with the RetroShield® System. Scissor lifts and scaffolding reached the areas above the bleacher seats. Highlands County selected the black facing to cover the deteriorating existing insulation material. RetroShield® System has an R-12 value with the black facing and reflects up to 97% of the radiant heat coming through the metal building’s roof.

“The livestock building has been significantly cooler in the summer months with the addition of FI-FOIL RetroShield® System installed on their roof and walls.” – Jack Turner, Highland County State Fairgrounds.

Project Scope

Location Sebring, FL
Contractor West Coast Insulation Inc., Sebring, FL
Date Completed March 2011
Product RetroShield®
Market General Agricultural, Poultry Houses

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