Project Solution

Requirement for the HVAC equipment to be in a conditioned air-sealed environment; meet the building code requirement for Energy Efficiency and Safety for Spray Foam Insulation; and to cover the exposed Fiberglass. Project Solution: New Attic Hybrid System for Cathedral Ceilings: – 2” x 10” framed roof (unvented) – 2” of 2lb or closed cell R-6.0 SPF – 6.25” of R-19 Fiberglass unfaced batt – Silver Shield™ multi-layer radiant barrier/reflective insulation

Project Scope

Location Asheville, NC
Contractor Allied Insulation, Asheville, NC
Date Completed June 2010
Product Used Silver Shield™
Application Cathedral Ceiling Insulation Design; Closed Cell R-6.0 SPF, R-19 fiberglass unfaced batt and Silver Shield™ radiant barrier/reflective insulation

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