Project Solution

Since offering their first Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Green Home Standard certified home in 2008, Holiday Builders has been integrating more and more green features into their product line. They are now proud to offer these green features in the Chelford Community, where all Holiday built homes will be built to both Energy Star and FGBC certification standards. Homes built to these standards will provide benefits including energy efficiency, water conservation, improved indoor air quality and environmentally friendly landscape features. The Barrington Model photographed for this profile is a two-story single family home, featuring FI-FOIL® AA2 Vapor Shield™ Hi-Perm reflective insulation, installed as masonry wall insulation over 3/4” furring to achieve an R-4.1.

And this model was selected to showcase FI-FOIL® Silver Shield™ as an attic radiant barrier and an Energy Savings Option being offered in this community. Silver Shield™ is a multi-layered radiant barrier that reflects up to 97% of the radiant heat that normally penetrates the roof deck, the HVAC ducts and ceiling insulation. It acts as a barrier, keeping this radiant heat from reaching the HVAC ducts and ceiling insulation, improving their performance. It also helps reduce heat gain in the Summer months and heat loss in the Winter months, keeping the living spaces in the home more comfortable. 12-14% reduction in cooling use in summer, “Performance Analysis of Radiant Barriers on Heating and Cooling Loads of Homes in Southwest and Southeast United States,” University of Nevada Las Vegas Study.

Project Scope

Location Viera, FL
Contractor Gale Insulation, Fort Pierce, FL
Building Size 3,000 sq. ft.
Date Completed April 2010
Product Used Silver Shield™
Application Silver Shield™ as an attic radiant barrier

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