Project Solution | FI-FOIL® Helps Insight Auctioneers Against Florida Heat & Humidity

Insight Auctioneers built a new office/warehouse, and they wanted a metal building insulation that would not absorb moisture while keeping their building cooler in the hot Florida summer. Project Solution: Having installed FI-FOIL RetroShield® System in their own office/warehouse, Central Florida Insulation was familiar with the system’s cooling effects on a metal building. The metallic film surface facing upwards and reflects up to 97% of the radiant heat, while the white poly surface facing downwards providing a nice, clean, finished appearance. In addition, it will not absorb moisture, and the system will achieve an R-12 and covers the hot bottom radiating surface of the of the purlins. With up to 200 people in their warehouse at an auction, the combination of RetroShield® System and Insight Auctioneers’ Big Ass® Fan, will keep their customers cool and comfortable during the selling and buying process, even in the middle of summer’s hot and humid climate.

Project Scope

Location Sebring, FL
Contractor Central Florida Insulation Inc., Sebring, FL
Date Completed January 2011
Product RetroShield®
Market Light Commercial

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